Woo2App FAQ

How can I contact the Woo2App team?

For anything and everything, you can reach us at Support at Woo2App dot Com or via the contact forms on this website.

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

PWA’s are browser supported mobile apps. They look and work almost exactly like native mobile apps. The difference is they are being processed by your phone’s built in browser (Chrome or Safari).

There are 3 main advantages of PWA’s: Higher performance, easier to install and are device-independent. You’re almost like saving a “website” to your phone. No download required.

The only disadvantage may be that you’re limited to the browser capabilities on your phone. For e-commerce apps this is almost non-existent on Android and getting less and less each day on iOS.

How can I publish my app on iTunes App Store & Google Play Store?

We include premium support for publishing for Woo2App Premium Subscription. We’ll be managing all publishing processes for you.

Else, you can publish and update your apps simply by following the standard procedures on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. You’d need to use your generated .APK file for Android on Google Play Store and your generated .IPA file for iPhone apps on iTunes App Store. If you’d like premium support on publishing your apps separately, please contact us.

Can I modify the colors, layout and styling of my app?

Yes, of course! Building a unique app for your store that matches your design and branding is one of the primary reasons we built our plugin and your app in the first place.

From the plugin settings you’ll be able to modify the colors, fonts, page layouts and many other things. Your plugin settings will then generate your app based on the settings you’ve selected.

How many apk can be created?

Our pricing is for UNLIMITED apps for all our plans.

You can generate any number of new versions, make any number of revisions on your apps as you like during as long as you have an active subscription.

You can use your apps as long as your subscriptions are active.

If you decide to upgrade your plan, please contact us.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime with a click through your account page on Weptile.com.

Please keep in mind that if you cancel your subscription, your apps won’t be active any longer.

Will my app work with the latest version of Woocommerce?

Yes. As a principle we plan all our products to be compatible with the latest versions of any dependency. As much as we can 🙂 So feel free to update your WooCommerce to the latest versions.

How can I build my WooCommerce app?

Once you subscribe to one of our plans, it’s a simple 3 step process to get your own app built:

  1. Download & install our plugin
  2. Enter the account information and set your app settings from Woo2App options page
  3. Click “Generate APK” or “Generate IPA” buttons to build your app

Voila! You’ll get a link to your email to download your app within minutes.

How do I add products to the app?

You don’t! 🙂 It’s all automated. Your app will automatically display all your products you have on your WooCommerce store.

Same for your product categories that are not empty, or your product descriptions, prices, images…

Your app will get all it’s data from WooCommerce. So you don’t need to do anything for your products.

Will I have any static pages or screens on my app?

We provide a number of static screens / pages on each app. You can add / edit contents of these static pages on your app from the Woo2App settings.

Can I use my logo for the app icon?

Yes, of course! Woo2App settings has fields to upload any app icon you’d like.

How can I get an Expo account?

You can simply go to https://expo.io/signup and create your account. That’s all. And we handle the rest once you confirm your email for your account.

Will my Android and iOS apps be identical?

Almost… Perhaps about 99%.

As we’re building native apps, we’re also bound to build our apps based on the native iOS and Android technical limitations and obligations. We do our best to keep both Android and iOS user experience the same but there are very minor differences between the 2 apps you’ll build. However, most of these minor difference won’t be recognizable by a regular end user. As we’re tech nerds, we notice them all 🙂 But a naked eye won’t see most of them.

Which language will my app be in?

Our app gets all data from WooCommerce, works in sync with WooCommerce data and thus, our app works on the language your store runs on. If your store is in English, the app will be in English. If your store is in Dutch, your app will be in Dutch 🙂 etc.

Are my sales safe?

Yes, completely!

We do not process any data through our app. All payment data, customer data and anything that’s entered through your app on Checkout is going to be processed by WooCommerce, not the app. Therefore your app checkout process is 100% secure in terms of app and data security.

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